Verda is a 13 year old quarter horse who has done and seen it all. She is very friendly and well grounded.


Goliath is a 5 year old Percheron who was rescued from the slaughter house by Rainbow Valley Riding Center in Barrie, Ontario. When he first got to Rainbow Valley he was scared of people because of previous abuse and neglect.


He is now lovable and friendly. We expect he will be one of our main therapy horses because he believes in second chances.

The Cast


Tosca is Thoroughbred/Percheron mare. She has been used as a school horse for many years. She has come to Hillside to semi-retire. She has a quiet disposition and loves attention.


Sicily is a 13 year old Polish Warmblood. She is a former schooling and dressage horse. She is extremely patient and easy to work with.

About Us

Hillside Stables is comprised of a truly unique cast of characters, all of whom have a different story.

There is always something new to watch in the way the animals interact with one another and with people.

One thing they all have in common is that we have promised them their Forever Home. 



These are Puggles, half pug, half beagle. They think they are horses.


Zsa Zsa prefers to run things from the comfort of her easy chair.She finds the whole farming thing somewhat gauche.


Ava and her sister were adopted from the Durham Humanes Society. Ava wears a bell because no bee, butterfly, bird or bunny is safe if she doesn't.


Rescued from a failing farm, the donkeys are the protectors of the herd. They are also major escape artists and only stay in their pasture if they feel like it.